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Child poverty

Growing up in poverty can affect every area of a child’s development and future life chances. We know that the most disadvantaged children are less likely to achieve their academic potential, secure employment and gain a sense of future financial security. They are more likely to suffer from poor health, live in poor quality housing and unsafe environments. Poverty has blighted the lives of individuals, families and entire communities for generations and is an issue that could undermine the wider social and economic policies across Nottinghamshire. Growing up in poverty can mean being cold, going hungry, not being able to join in activities with friends, and not being able to afford even one week’s holiday.

The Child Poverty Act 2010 placed new statutory duties upon top tier local authorities and their named partners to prepare a joint child poverty strategy which set out the measures that the Local Authority and each partner propose to take to reduce and mitigate the effects of child poverty in their area. The government has since amended the Child Poverty Act, replacing the income targets with a duty to report on Life Chances, contained in the Welfare Reform and Work Act 2016.

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